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More Photos of Cassie as she has grown up and matured.

This beautiful headstudy of Cassie was taken by Teoh Eng Hong on
June 6/02

Cassie, now mature and pictured at the age of 3 after winning Limit Bitch under respected American judge
Anne Rogers Clarke at Windsor. A very exciting and satisfying win!!

Cassie 8 Years old

Cassie, now 8 years old. she still remembers how to behave like a show dog.

See below to see how she prefers to spend her time now.

Cassie & Kola
Cassie in chair
Cassie on the beach with friend
"Kola" (Rupik Ringmaster)
Cassie at rest

Rupik Ringmaster


Kola - Rupik Ringmaster

Cassie's best friend
This photo is so typical of Kola that we just had to add it to Cassie's page.

Kola loves and owns Jean Williams

Cassie 10 years old




Cassie pictured here on her 10th Birthday

Sheila and Cassie
Photo taken by Tim Hutchings


Cassie - age 10
Photo taken by Tim Hutchings

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Sheila Bowman
Rupik Boxers
Somerset, UK

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