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Cassie is currently the baby of the family. A doubleFilmore granddaughter and it shows!

She has been successful at the few shows she attended as a puppy and although my enthusiasm for exhibiting is waning somewhat, I shall probably continue to show her occasionally when I can raise the enthusiasm!



She has a terrific personality and 'attitude' to burn and as my eighth generation tail bitch line, the future of the Rupik's rests firmly upon her shoulders!!

Cassis is pictured here on the right at 4 months of age.


The show was the South Western Boxer Club 25th Anniversary Championship Show.

She won 1st in Junior Bitch (12-18 month) and the Bitch Challenge Certificate, judge Cheryl Robbins. The referee , Andrew Thomson, was called in to decide BIS between the dog and bitch as the two judges could not agree. He gave it to Cassie. There were 323 Boxers entered at this show.

Two weeks later Cassie attended her second championship show, the
Cotswold Boxer Club, and again she won Junior Bitch and the Bitch CC,
ending the day with BOS and RBIS
. The judge was Mr Teoh Eng Hong (Teolin Boxers)
Hopefully her third CC and champion title is not too far away.

More Photos of Cassie as she has grown up and matured.

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See recent photos of Cassie at age 10

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Sheila Bowman
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