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Daisy Belle

Rupik Daisy Belle
(Braemerwood Proclamation x Rupik Joybelle) Daisy Belle was mated to Bellringer (James) and from this came Rupik Bella Marguerita. A real sweetie, she was the best baby sitter around, never happier than when taking care of anyone's puppies. She didn't care if they were her own or not!
Bella Marguerita
Rupik Bella Marguerita (Ch Rupik Bellringer x Rupik Daisy Belle)
Maggie, a real showgirl who loved every minute in the showring and always gave her all. She won many BP, BOB and BIS awards. By now I had a number of Bellringer daughters (as well as Maggie, I had bought in two younger sisters of Ch Eight Bells of Seefeld.....Isobelle at Rupik and Bella Dora of Rupik. The question arose what dog I would eventually mate them to. Click here for more information.
Rupik Jinglebelle
has three champion litter mates. She was so very important in the evolution of the Rupik's as the mother of Ch Bellringer. Her lovely head type and expression can be seen to this day in his descendants. The longest lived of all the Rupik's to date, she was 15 years and 3 months when she died and still incredibly active up to the last few weeks of her life.
Isobelle at Rupik (Bellringer ex Isadora of Winterdown
was another younger full sister to Ch Eight Bells. She produced Filmore's first UK litter, from which I kept Rupik Maple Syrup. (Shirley) In her second Filmore breeding she produced Rupik Maple Fudge (Widget)
Rupik Maple Syrup (Ch Lounsbury's Flashback to Rupik x Isobelle at Rupik)
had a wonderful start to her show career winning the puppy group at most of her early shows. She went on to do some useful winning and was yet another with wonderful character. I lost her far too young and it was a very bleak January when Eight Bells, Isobelle and Maple Syrup all died within four weeks.

Rupik Wind Chime
One of my Filmore daughters, Windy, like most of my bitches, has had only one litter. She has given me Cassie to take the line into the new millennium. What more could I ask of her?

I lost her far too young, aged 8 1/2 when she suddenly haemorrhaged internally due to a tumour on her spleen. There had been no warning or signs of illness. Sadly, despite all the vets could do, she was too weak to come through the operation to remove her spleen

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Sheila Bowman
Rupik Boxers
Somerset, UK

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