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When I first saw photographs of Can/Am Ch Bellcrest Just Watch Me SOM, I was looking at the most beautiful boxer I had ever seen. I watched his career with interest and when photos of his children began to appear I was even more impressed. So, when I began to plan ahead and needed to think of what I would eventually breed my Bellringer daughters to, my thoughts turned to Canada.

Thanks to Shirley Bell and Anne Lucas, my wild idea became reality and I was able to import my very own 'Texas' son, Filmore.

Filmore was already winning and he ended 1988 as the Top Winning Boxer Puppy and Second Top Male in Canada. He was a multiple BOB winner with BIS all breeds, three firsts, one second and five fourths in the group. He was four times Best Puppy in Show and won six Puppy Groups.

Despite the promise of an incredible adult show career, Anne packed his suitcase and sent him off to share my life. In 1989 I flew to Canada to meet both Filmore and his parents and attend the Boxer Club of Canada Speciality show. It was love at first sight….not only the dogs but Canada too! At the show, Filmore, shown as a special, won an Award of Merit and puppies from his first litter acquitted themselves very creditably.

Quarantine was duly organised but I left him in Canada until Shirley's bitch, Can Ch Bellcrest Sooner Bee Me could be bred to him. This proved to be a very good decision as three champions resulted from that breeding:
Ch Bellcrest Proof of the Pudding
Ch Bellcrest Proud as Punch
Ch Bellcrest Perestroika

After release from quarantine, Filmore moved in as though he had always lived here. He accepted and in turn was accepted by the resident males and all lived together in harmony. The bitches of course adored him!

He proved to be an exceptional sire who was dominant (as I'd hoped) for the virtues which I had seen in his bloodlines. More importantly, when bred to Bellringer and Eight Bells daughters, he consistently produced puppies of outstanding quality. He was not at public stud, as I don't agree that just any bitch should be bred from and breeding a good dog to a mediocre bitch defeats the object of improving the breed. So, despite limited stud use he still sired 7 Canadian champions, making him a Canadian Sire of Merit, an Irish Champion who was Boxer of the Year in Ireland and a Norwegian Champion who was a BIS winner. In addition he is the proud sire of more than 30 UK first prize winning children. Two of his Canadian Champion bitches are themselves Dams of Merit and a number of his grandchildren are already Sires or Dams of Merit and there is also an American Dam of Merit among his children…..surely 'producing' is what it's all about.

Just six weeks after he died I flew to Canada to attend the Boxer Club of Canada show and awards dinner where I was presented with his Sire of Merit Award. A bittersweet occasion in the circumstances but something I was so very proud to be able to do. All this pales into insignificance though, as I will always remember the most wonderful character who shared my life, was my constant companion and slept on my bed. His character and enthusiasm for everything that was asked of him made him many friends throughout the world. When he died I was inundated with cards, letters and phone calls of sympathy and it was only then that I truly realised just how many lives he touched.

He was a once in a lifetime dog and I remember him every day when I see so many of his mannerisms in his children and grandchildren. Sleep well Filmore, you're an impossible act to follow and set a great standard.

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Sheila Bowman
Rupik Boxers
Somerset, UK

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