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About Our Shows

Our shows are held in October on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend at the Trout Creek Community Centre. This is in Trout Creek, Ontario, South of North Bay.

This coming year, 2002, we have applied for 5 All Breed Shows and 2 Boxers Specialties along with 4 Obedience Trials all this packed into a fun Thanksgiving weekend.

At our show site we have washroom fascilities, hydro (electricity) and water hookups avaliable. The cost to park a trailer at the show site for the weekend is $45.00 pre booked.

We have had All Breed an Obedience Trial on the first weekend in June for the past two years. We have cancelled the All Breed show this year due to the excessive amount of money our club has lost. We are, however, still holding Obedience Trials in June. Watch here for the exact dates.

Premium List in PDF format for the upcoming Thanksgiving show can be downloaded here.

Please contact ShowChairperson for further information about either of the above shows. Or check out the show information available at:
Canine Show Services 2000 Inc

CLICK HERE FOR THE MAP to the October Show

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