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Our Teachers

Dorrie Kirk
Dorrie Kirk has been training and trialing dogs since 1954. Through the years she has personally trained several different breeds of dogs but the ones that will always hold a special place in her heart were her German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and Springer Spaniels.
Dorrie has placed several Obedience titles on her dogs and has also achieved many "High in Trial" awards. She has extensive experience in training her Labrador Retrievers in Field Work and proving that life must be lived to it's fullest Dorrie recently became active in Tracking with her dogs as well. In 2002 she quickly placed a TD (Tracking Title) on her Lab "Yeomen" after only 1 season of training.
Dorrie began assisting in the puppy training classes for the Nipissing Kennel Club in 1991 under the supervision of her husband, long time Obedience Judge Peter Kirk and good friend Susan Kindratiuk. Dorrie has now become our Lead Trainer and has a truly gifted approach with puppies.
Even with all of Dorrie's outstanding accomplishments through the years she says her proudest moment is when she helped her husband Peter to quit smoking by training HIS dog to remove the cigarette from his mouth immediately after he had taught the dog to fetch his cigarettes and lighter for him !


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