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October 1989 - October 2001
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'Tribute to Leo'

This photo was taken by Shirley Bell at the Boxer Club of Canada 2001 Specialty 3 months prior to his death. Leo was just 2 weeks short of 12 years of age.

Leo was a great dog! A wonderful producer and an asset to the breed. He leaves behind many Canadian and American Champion children and grandchildren. His super outgoing temperament and showmanship is evident in his offspring and their offspring.

Leo's influence on the breed will be seen for many generations yet to come.

Frozen semen is available to select bitches.

Tribute by Shirley Bell (Bellcrest)
Tribute by Carol Nesbitt (Karjean)
Tribute by Medley Small (CinnRhee)
Tribute by Beckie & Larry Horne (Syrr Run)
Tribute by Marion & Larry Hughes (Connemara)
Tribute by Linda Norris (Rodlin)
Tribute by Fredrick Casella (Hi-Step'n)
Tribute by Pat Russell (Trifecta)
Tribute by Ben & Shirley de Boer (Scher-Khoun)

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