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October 1989 - October 2001

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'Tribute to Leo'
By Medley Small - CinnRhee Boxers

A Memorable Reflection : LEO

He's gone but his influence within this breed remains immeasurable. Leo, Am/Can. CH. Josha's
Linebacker C.D., had a great impact not only on my breeding program but on many breeding programs
throughout the Boxer world and his legacy will impact the breed for many years to come.
I will never forget the first time I saw this stallion of a dog. He commanded your attention
through his presence and physical prowess. He moved around the ring effortlessly and covered
ground with each and every stride. He remained fixated on his handler showing off his elegance and
strength of physique. His lines were so defining and the length and arch of neck, board top line,
strong front and rear quarters and balance overall impressed me greatly. In my opinion he was an
exemplar of what I deemed outstanding.
Then I was given the esteemed honour of handling Leo as a veteran several times. I learned
quickly that my eye had not deceived me and my hands immediately proved what a wonderful animal I
had on the end of the lead. He was so much fun and would dance to each and every command you gave.
He loved food and baiting Leo was quite a trick. If you were not alert nor fast enough and
through his eagerness, often your fingers came away with crimson highlights but this became the
game played between Leo and his handler, thus increasing his intensity in the show ring.
In his later years, he came to Canada each summer, at the beginning of June, to compete at the
Canadian National Specialty. He remained behind with me one year for breeding purposes and spent
some time at my kennel during his trip home. What a pleasure it was to care for him and really get
to know this stalwart warrior much more personally. He had such a great temperament and nothing
bothered him. He became 'the king of the kennel' and made his presence known through an air of
regency. Watching him exercise in the paddock and walking him down the lane way were a pleasure
that I will treasure. During his 12 years, he rose to an eliteness that only the 'GREATS'
Although he will be sadly missed, he will be seen many times in the show ring through the progeny
he has stamped with his outstanding qualities.


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