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October 1989 - October 2001

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'Tribute to Leo'
By Shirley & Ben de Boer - Scher-Khoun Kennels Reg'd

Ben first laid eyes on "Leo" when he judged the Stud Dog class at the A.B.C. National Specialty show held in May 1991 in Newark, New Jersey. He awarded a second ribbon to his Sire "Tuxedo", as he rated both his get Very Good.

Over the years we have judged and observed Leo numerous times mostly at Specialty Shows. He won the Stud Dog class under Ben at the Miami Valley Specialty show a couple of years ago, where Ben seriously considered him for the B.O.B. award.

We have in our files a video of Leo being gaited, which we have shown to breeders as an example how a Boxer should gait.

Ben has also awarded his get numerous wins over the years. We believe he has to date 40 Champions to his credit and he is now a member of the All Time Producing U.S. Boxer Sires. He is also a Sire of Merit in Canada. It would not surprise us at all the number of Champion get will increase in the future, due to the use of frozen sperm.

Considering his pedigree, it is not surprising that he became a good producer. The top line of his pedigree goes back 10 generations to Bang Away. This family strain is one of the most successful strains in the North American Boxer breed.

Leo is a strongly linebred Boxer. In his 5-generation pedigree you will find the names of 4 Boxers appearing 8 times (27%). The number of Champions in his pedigree total 23 (77%), of which 19 (63%) were sires/dams of merit.

We also had the pleasure of observing Leo at home, when we visited the Killman's at their Florida home. He truly displayed the outstanding features of Boxer temperament. He was a pleasure to live with.
Both his sire, Tuxedo and Leo lived to a ripe old age of 11 and 12 years respectively.

We will all miss him very much, but we look back full of admiration for Leo, who can be classified as the "Ideal" Boxer.


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