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October 1989 - October 2001

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'Tribute to Leo'
By Marion & Larry Hughes- Connemara Boxers

It was a privilege for Larry and I to know Leo and even more of a delight to
own two of his offspring who brought not only prestigious wins to us but
love and devotion as family members. We own Am.Can Ch. Heart Acres Wind
- "Wendy" and Am.Can. Ch. Syrr Run's Omega Connemara - "Megan".

We know they were Leo's offspring because he implanted many of his endearing
qualities in them!! They were energetic and playful puppies who adored any
toy and now as they are mature adults they still have to have their playful
hour in the morning. Like Leo, they loved to eat, it is the highlight of
their day and also like Leo they do the "Leo Dance" before every meal!!
Leo's temperament was of the highest caliber and he has passed that on to
his get and now his grandchildren. He also never outgrew his fascination
with toys!

It was a spectator's delight to see Leo in the ring. He obviously enjoyed
every minute of it and gave it his all - his big reward was the bait, but we
always worried about the handler giving it to him as he took it with more
than average enthusiasm! We only knew him in his senior years but he must
have been a magnificent sight in his youth.

On several occasions both Wendy and Megan had the distinct honour of being
chosen to go in the ring with Leo for "Stud and Get". Our hearts would
burst with pride as we would see the three of them together. We thank the
"Big Guy" for bringing so much joy into our lives. He has had a lasting
impact on the Boxer breed and we will miss him.


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