In The Beginning Living in the Northern City of Timmins, Ontario Having a boxer as a kid I couldn't seem to think of any other breed to have in my home.

My search began, my first call was to Shirley Bell of Bellcrest Kennels Reg'd, who directed me to Irene Ainslie of Ainsdale Kennels, having only a couple of males left I went down to pick one up.

December 1987 I purchased my first boxer. He was to be a pet however that didn't last long by the time he was old enough to be shown I started training him, but only through the guidance of these two Knowledgable Boxer breeders.

May 1988 Sault St. Marie Kennel Club show My first dog show, and handling debut. My Ainsdale Maximillian"Max" took BOB 2 days and BOS 1, Put 1 Leg towards his C.D. and was temperament tested all in one weekend. We had our first Can. Ch.

Well now its time to purchase a show prospect female and our foundation bitch. Again I went back to the same two breeders and purchased a female puppy Ainsdale April Misty Valley soon to become Ch.. So its pretty well history from there on.

I now reside in Sundridge Ontario in the heart of Muskoka with 100 acres of property for the dogs to play on under the prefix Britnick Kennels. Our Log home has been built from scratch having picked the tree’s while still standing. It is an ongoing labour of love.

We have at least 5 adult boxers at home and sometimes a few puppies, our goal is to breed the Top Boxer in Canada some day. We have 10 Can.Ch's to our credit with many more hopefuls to come. All have been owner handled to their ch., which would have never been possible without the guidance of my two dear friends Irene and Shirley and the many great breeders I have met over the years. My advise to new comers would be to get involved with as many breed oriented clubs and organizations as possible, and talk to as many breeders as possible

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Building Our Log Home

Log House
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